Just Movin’ the Water Around by Peter Lindsey




“Within recent memory, a fleet of tiny ocean-going vessels departed and returned to the shores of Cannon Beach on a daily basis during fishing season. The press of modern civilization and the depletion of fish stocks effectively terminated this local fishing industry in the early 1980s. My friend John Broderick, cofounder of the Fisher Poets Gathering, refers to fishers of our ilk as bottom feeders, a sobriquet suited to us poor, ocean struck everymen, embracing a way of life drifting into the historical twilight. As an active participant in that fisher, I was privy to the technical aspects, camaraderie, and lore inherent in the daily lives of those fisher folk who cruised our segment of the North Pacific waters. As a folklorist, I have long recognized the necessity of collecting and archiving oral histories and personal accounts from those engaged in unique cultural activities. The dory fishing fleet qualifies on all counts.” – Peter Lindsey