Brick Legacy Project


Set your name in stone for generations to come. Commemorate your memories of Cannon Beach and be part of history as you help us redesign the Museum’s permanent exhibit display – which has not been updated in 20 years. We hope to bring the Native American history to the forefront of the museum, and create more modern and interactive displays, showcasing the very unique history of Cannon Beach and Arch Cape. Your brick will also help the Museum’s general operations, ensuring we keep our doors open and the Museum free to explore for all who seek to learn.


Commemorate your memories of Cannon Beach with a personalized brick to:

~ Remember a loved one ~
~ Recognize a graduation year or a loved one’s birthday ~
~ Honor someone special ~
~ Join with family or friends for a family or friends brick ~


Brick prices start at $250 – $500.

These bricks will be placed around the museum for all to see and the 1st location of the bricks will placed on the south side of the museum building. There is not a map of the exact brick location, but we can are able to tell you the specific area in which the brick will be installed by your name and order number/date of order.

Bricks will be ordered as soon as we receive at least 26 brick orders. Bricks will be installed by a professional, and the buyer will receive a notification when the brick has been delivered and installed.

To order a brick online, you can do so here:

To download a brochure with more information, you can do so here:  Brick Brochure


Please reach out to us at if you’d like to:

1. Receive a printable certificate, often used if you are giving this brick as a gift


2. If you cannot come in person to see your brick, you can request a photo of your brick once your brick has been installed.