Oswald West by Joe R. Blakely




This is an in-depth biography of one of Oregon’s most famous governors. West was just the man for Oregon’s early, turbulent years. He had a brilliant mind and was courageous enough to fight for people’s rights (including women). He was self-educated, rising from a deprived childhood to become Oregon’s fourteenth governor (1911-1915), he rode in on a progressive movement called the “Oregon System.” He was also an important figure in Cannon Beach. His legislation set aside Oregon’s beaches for the public to enjoy for all time. He also built an iconic log cabin in clear view of Haystack Rock. West helped Abigail Scott Duniway in the successful campaign for women suffrage.

Author of Hiking Oregon’s History, William L. Sullivan calls the book a “well researched biography, historian Joe Blakely brings to life the daring Oregon governor who tracked down criminals, saved the state’s beaches from developers, and won women the right to vote.”