2022 Oregon Parks Calendar


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Vintage photos by Ray Atkeson, one of Oregon’s most famous and celebrated photographers. Black & white images from the 1930s to 1970s covering beautiful parks and natural areas from all over Oregon.

12″ x 12″ Wall Calendar

Ray began photographing the Western landscape in 1928. As a pioneer in large-format, scenic photography, Ray Atkeson became a legend in his own time, having done more to promote the scenic splendor of Oregon than has any other individual photographer. Atkeson’s work has been widely exhibited across America and appeared in numerous national magazines such as National Geographic, Time, Readers Digest, and The Saturday Evening Post.His photography has illustrated over twenty large format books with over one million copies sold. Ray was decorated with a number of awards and distinctions during his lifetime including Photographer Laureate of the State of Oregon, honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from Linfield College, Distinguished Citizen of Oregon, and the Governor’s Award for Arts in Oregon. He created an archive of over 250,000 images during his career and those images are now held in the Ray Atkeson Image Archive.