CG 41332 by John Kopp




“HELL ISN’T HOT: Twenty minutes into a night navigation exercise at Cape Disappointment, Washington, Coast Guard utility boat 41332 tracked off course, strayed into breaking surf, and capsized, trapping eight of its 10-person crew inside a dark, slowly flooding cabin. Over the next hour, the survivors fought their way underwater to the outside. Three students lost their lives.”

“Beginning with the historical origins of the U.S Coast Guard’s rescue boat community, CG 41332 offers the first book-length accounts of this 1977 accident, the lineage of surfmen, and the evolution of the service’s National Motor Lifeboat School. Meticulously prepared by a former Cape Disappointment surfman, CG 41332 brings new light to the relationships between these interconnected histories and also explores healing after adversity.”