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How many cannons have been found in Arch Cape, just south of Cannon Beach?
Three. One in 1898 and two in 2008.
Haystack Rock is the breeding ground for what bird?
Haystack Rock is the breeding area for the tufted puffin as well as home to a variety of sea life.
What were the names of the Native American tribes who lived in the area now called Cannon Beach?
The Tillamooks and the Clatsops. The area was home to Tillamooks, but Clatsops from the north sometimes joined the Tillamooks through marriage.
What is a monolith?
A monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock. Haystack Rock is one of the largest monoliths in the world.
True or False? Lewis & Clark were the first explorers to visit the area now called Cannon Beach.
False. Chinese explorers may have visited around 1,500 years ago. Between that time and the time of Lewis & Clark, several different explorers also visited.
What is Cannon Beach's warmest month?
September, where the average high temperature reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
When do gray whales pass by Cannon Beach?
They pass by in December, going south to Mexico, and they pass by in March, going north to Alaska.
What was the highest temperature recorded in Cannon Beach? 95, 98, 100, or 105 degrees?
The highest recorded temperature was 105 degrees Fahrenheit in 1961.
What was the lowest temperature recorded in Cannon Beach? 5, 10, 20, or 30 degrees?
The lowest recorded temperature was 5 degrees Fahrenheit in 1976.
True or False? The town of Cannon Beach was always called "Cannon Beach".
False. The town was called "Ecola" until 1922 when the name was changed to "Cannon Beach." Before that, the area around Ecola Creek was called "No-Cost" by the Tillamooks, and the area around the Tolovana wayside was called "Ma-ti."
True or False? The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse has guided ships for over 150 years.
False. The light at Tillamook Lighthouse was turned off in 1957.
How tall is Haystack Rock?
It is 235 feet tall.
What is Cannon Beach's rainiest month?
November is typically the rainiest month, with average rainfall of 11.38 inches
True or False? The Native American group in the Cannon Beach area lived in wigwams.
False. The Tillamooks lived in longhouses made from planks of cedar wood.
When did a tsunami (tidal wave) hit Cannon Beach, lifting the Ecola Creek bridge and setting it down upstream?
In 1964. There has not been a tidal wave in Cannon Beach since that time.
True or False? Most of downtown Cannon Beach used to be a swamp.
True. Most of the area in downtown Cannon Beach was swamp-land that was filled in to build roads and buildings.